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St. Mary's Abbey, Glencairn, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland

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How would I know if I had a vocation? A persistent attraction to monastic life, a kind of nagging feeling that won’t go away, a sense that something is missing to which the monastery has the answer, a desire to give oneself exclusively to God… all of these may be signs that God is calling a person to monastic life. It is usual for her to be quite uncertain, apprehensive and even dismayed at the prospect! Complete certainty and immediate clarity about the issue are rare. A visit to the monastery, a retreat in the guest-house, talking it over with one of the sisters will help in the discernment process. The candidate also spends a period of time (flexible in length, according to individual circumstances) living with the community before any final decision is made. If you feel that God might be calling you to Cistercian life, why not contact us?

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