St. Mary's AI, Glencairn

St. Mary's Abbey, Glencairn, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland

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You must be very special people to live this life! If by that is meant that we are superhuman, either physically or spiritually, then - no, we're not. We are quite ordinary people, really! Monastic life is one way,among many ways, of living out our baptismal consecration, the basic Christian commitment. Each baptized person is called to a particular Christian lifestyle, and receives a particular grace from God to live in that way. Certainly, the ability to live monastic life is dependant on God's grace; but that grace is not given because of anything special which we are in ourselves, or anything we have done, it is simply a free and mysterious divine gift to whomever God chooses. As well as faith and a desire to seek God in solitude and silence, the human qualities needed for monastic life include an ability to live in community, flexibility, psychological balance, common sense, and a sense of humour!

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Easter Triduum Timetable 2017

The Abbess and community would like to wish you all a Blessed and joyful Easter.

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