St. Mary's AI, Glencairn

St. Mary's Abbey, Glencairn, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland

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Sister Sarah’s Story

In meeting people in my role as vocations director, I am aware of how valuable our vocation stories can be to others who are searching, and here I offer some milestones that led me to pursue my own

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The Road To St Mary’s Abbey Glencairn

Sister Fiachra

Possibly one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is just how I came to enter St. Mary’s Abbey and in truth, I myself sometimes marvel at how the Lord came to call me to this life in this

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Mairéad’s Vocation Story

Sister Mairéad

My monastic journey began 6 years ago when I visited the Guest House in Glencairn for the first time to see if Cistercian life was the answer to this restless search for a more meaningful way of

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Michelle’s Vocation Story

Sister Michelle

I first knew that I wanted to be a nun at the age of fifteen. I did not know how to go about it or who to talk to, so at the time I did nothing. I was a little distressed by this realisation and was

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Latest News
Summer Monastic Experience Weekend

Our next Monastic Experience Weekend for those who would like to explore their vocation

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Business telephone lines temporarily out of service!

Glencairn Eucharist Bread customers and Glencairn Cards customers are advised that direct

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